When will the Church change its moral teachings? Never.

This past Wednesday, the world was shocked by the announcement of a relatively unknown cardinal from Argentina elected as our new pope—Pope Francis.

The media is completely confused by the election of Pope Francis. They fully expected a “progressive” pope that would change the Church’s moral teachings on issues like contraception, gay marriage, and abortion.

This is evidenced by laughably biased headlines, such as the one from MSNBC: “Same sex marriage, abortion unlikely under Pope Francis.”

As if the new pope would suddenly say, “Violently destroying innocent and vulnerable human life is no longer gravely evil! Have at it,” or “Fundamentally disordered sexual acts are no longer disordered and are in fact good. Let’s celebrate them!”

It is also humorous to note the key word “unlikely” in the headline. It implies they are still possible under his pontificate. But they are not and never will be possible for the Church of Jesus Christ or its chief shepherd, the Pope.

The world does not understand the Church. They look at it as just another political organization that can be changed through activism and disruption—just like virtually every other organization has been. They see that Church as merely human, and therefore subject to human whims and fads. Put enough pressure on the Church, and it will cave to our demands, the world thinks.

But as Catholics, we know this is not true. The Church will always proclaim the Truth without wavering because the truth does not change from day to day. Something that is evil yesterday does not become good tomorrow simply because the date has change. Both the Church and our new pope understand this.

No pope has the right or the power to change unchanging moral truths. No pope can do so and no pope will.

So the reporters at MSNBC, and all those who expect the Church to change its moral teachings any moment now, can keep hoping that someday a pope will embrace evil. But they will be waiting, well, forever.


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